Underbench cabinet for flammable substances width 1200 mm - AC 1200/50 CM DD

Safety cabinet for the storage of 30 litres of liquid and solid flammable products certified according to standards: EN 14470-1, EN 16121, EN 16122
Fire resistance "TYPE 90" - 90 min. TÜV Certified.
Version with two drawers.

The Safetybox® flammables line offers certified solutions for your storage needs of liquid and solid flammables.
The Safetybox® Flammables safety cabinets are certified in compliance with standards EN14470-1, EN 16121, EN16122, and have fire resistance class Type 90 and Type 30.
The standard requires that safety cabinets for the storage of liquid flammables must have natural ventilation (achieved by the presence of two certified valves), ensuring air recirculation equal to at least 10 times the volumetric capacity of the cabinet an hour, to ensure that no dangerous concentrations of gases or vapours are reached.
The cabinet can be connected to a motor, suitable for aspirating flammable vapours, which must always be running.
When an air suction motor is present, it is also possible to install a grain-shaped activated charcoal filter, useful for filtering the harmful vapours emitted by flammable substances, in order to safeguard the health of laboratory operators.

The Safetybox® cabinets for flammables are equipped with safety devices that will be automatically triggered in the event of a fire, to isolate the flammable substances contained inside the cabinet, preventing the fire from coming into contact with further sources of fuel. In the event of a fire, the automatic door closing system will activate (at a room temperature of 50°C), the safety valves will close (at 70 ± 10°C) to block air recirculation and prevent the fire from entering the cabinet, the intumescent seals will expand and seal the cabinet. Additionally, the Ignis-Lock device will block the doors, making them impossible to open, to ensure further safety.
The Safetybox® cabinets are already equipped with tray-shaped shelves and bottom basin, for the collection of any spills.
The fireproof insulation is made of completely ecological material with high fire resistance.
Safetybox® models for high flammables are equipped with a palletised base (with base cover included), to simplify logistics and placement.
Safetybox® cabinets are covered by Product Liability Insurance, which will reimburse any damage to persons or property caused by construction faults.

  • External dimensions (WxDxH): 1100x510x600 mm
  • Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 935x355x440 mm
  • Weight: 170 Kg
  • Total volume: ~164 lt
  • Shelf capacity: 80 Kg


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